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A Banbury townhouse with a hip style roof and a large front yard.

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Transforming Banbury's Real Estate With Skilled Property Management

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Welcome to Namkas Properties Ltd, your premier choice for exceptional property management and sales in Banbury. With four years of dedicated experience, we are the leading name in professional property management, connecting more people with more properties than anyone else. At Namkas Properties Ltd, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive digital marketing strategy, combining the power of social media, search engine optimisation, and radio advertising to provide our users with the best options in the UK property market. Whether you're a domestic or commercial client, our network of property professionals, including estate agents, letting agents, and new home developers, are here to offer a range of properties tailored to your needs.


We are specialists, offering professional services for your peace of mind. Contact Namkas Properties Ltd today for a free consultation.

What We Offer

From Commercial Spaces To Cosy Flats & Unforgettable Holiday Lets

A brick house in Banbury with a garage.

Commercial Estate Agents

Your trusted partners in commercial real estate solutions.

A row of terraced houses on a street available for real estate investments.


Discover modern living in our stylish flats.

Where we can help advertise your property to our clients.

Holiday Lets

Escape to your dream holiday destination with our holiday lets.

Two holiday homes on a grassy area in Banbury.

Let us help you find the house of your dreams.

A brick house with a black garage door.

Long term lets are: From 0-12 months (Can stay longer if needed)

  • Short term lets are: From 0-6 months

A real estate agent is showing a customer around inside a property.


  • What price can I expect to get in the current market?
    Both market price and market value determine real estate prices. The market price is what a willing buyer pays and a seller accepts, while market value is an estimate based on property features, the overall real estate market, supply, demand, and recent similar sales. The critical difference is that market value can be higher than what a buyer is willing to pay. Value can affect demand and influence price, but it's not the sole factor. When supply exceeds demand, prices drop, and the value's impact diminishes. When demand exceeds supply, prices rise, and value plays a more prominent role. In a balanced market, market value and market price align.
  • Who should I contact if I have any problem?
    Our dedicated customer care team assists you six days a week, with service hours from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You can reach us on 07899 757137 or by sending us an email at
  • Is now a good time to buy or sell?
    In real estate investing, predicting the perfect time is impossible. Hindsight shows us the right time to buy or sell. The key is to find a property you love, in a good location, with a long-term mortgage, and sleep soundly.

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07899 757137

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Monday - Saturday: 09:00 - 17:00

Sunday: Closed

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A house with a stone wall in front of it.

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